Thanks to all the following members that have volunteered throughout the year.  If you are interested in volunteering for any of these committees, please email us at

LINKS Committee

Brian Hochstein - Committee Chair

Scott Bingham

Laura Turnbull

Annual Meeting Committee - 2013

Cale Doornbos – Committee Chair

Noel Challis

Awards Banquet Committee

Cale Doornbos

Noel Challis

Tod Hueser

Elise Hubbard

David Contag

Fellows Committee

Tod Hueser

Cale Doornbos

Stephanie Rolley, FASLA

Chip Winslow, FASLA

Dennis Law, FASLA

Chris Dimond, FASLA

Scholarship Fundraiser Committee

Chad Weinand

Tod Hueser 

Historic Liaison for Cultural Landscapes (HALS)

Laura Turnbull – Committee Chair 

Tod Hueser

Kansas Licensure Statues Rewrite Committee

PJ Novick

Allan Cooksey

Tod Hueser

Rick Howell

Korey Schulz

Kansas City Design Alliance/Design Week Committee - 2012

Erica Young

Korey Schulz

Tod Hueser 

PARKing Day 2013

Korey Schulz

Mitch Zeller

Amanda White

Tod Hueser

Heidi Pollmann

Chris Cahalan

Noel Challis

Sponsorship Committee

Tod Hueser – Committee Chair

Brian Hochstein

4A Collaborative (Kansas City)

Joanne Schwarberg