SWT Design

For more than 20 years, SWT Design has curated a diverse and award-winning portfolio of open spaces, approaching design with a passion for innovation. Collaboration, vision, and curiosity spur a design practice that we use to solve even the most complex and challenging design problems. As such, our team of landscape architects, planners, and urban designers has become leaders in the profession, creating value with each design while focusing on environmental responsibility, social justice, and economic improvement.


Full Circle | Framing a Modern Masterpiece Echo Bluff State Park

Forward-looking design, rooted in sustainability, can enrich the legacy of a city

Missouri’s newest state park showcases the unique and natural beauty of the Ozarks


The Commons at Cortex

Novus International Headquarters

Innovation inspires a district to shape economic growth in the heart of a city

Evidence-based design yields a bio-inspired, resilient landscape in this 3-star SITES certified project


West Florissant Ave. Great Streets

Mercy St. John's Plaza

Reimagining a corridor to improve economic conditions and create a sense of place

History, mission, and values serve as a built testimony to human well-being


Firm Service Categories

Commercial/Retail 5%
Corporate/Office 5%
Federal/State/Local 10%
Historic Preservation 2%
Hospitality 10%
Industrial 2%
Institutional/Educational 15%
Medical/Healthcare 10%
Parks and Recreation/Trails 15%
Planning/Urban Design  10%
Redevelopment 2%
Religious 2%
Single Family/Multifamily Subdivision 2%
Streetscapes/Transportation 10%
Sustainable Design/Green Infrastructure 10%


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