Alton B. Thomas Awards

PGASLA’s highest honor and only given to a member, affiliate, outstanding citizen or politician who has performed in a manner above and beyond what would be considered normal with the result of this effort either directly promoting or enhancing the image of landscape architecture.

2016 - Dennis J. Day, FASLA

2015 - Phil Meyer

2014 - Stacy Ernst

2014 - Peg Livingood

2013 - Tod Hueser, ASLA

2012 - Alton "Tony" Barnes, FASLA

2011 - David Warm and Robert Harnett, ASLA

2010 - W. Richard Yates, ASLA

2009 - Chad Weinand

2007 - Scott Bingham, ASLA

2006 - Amy Bowman - Comer, ASLA

2004 - Korey Schulz, ASLA and Mitch Zeller, ASLA

1999 - Jeffrey L. Bruce, FASLA

1998 - Chip Winslow, FASLA


Awards given prior to 1998:

Thomas Colgrove, ASLA

Chalmer V. Cooper (Coop), ASLA

Dr. Robert Ealy, EMASLA

Warren Oblinger, EMASLA

Alton B. Thomas, EMASLA

Gordon Whiffen, EMASLA